ETS seeks to balance academic excellence, spiritual formation, and practical experience. Practical experience is invaluable to the student as it enables the integration of classroom learning with actual Christian ministry. The student will be expected to observe, participate, and share leadership in the various ministries of a local church. The Director of Practical Ministries has the responsibility to coordinate and oversee the various ministry activities.


Supervised Christian Ministry during the time of studies at ETS serves the purpose of:

  1. Providing a practical experience of church ministries, in a local congregation, through evangelism or missions
  2. Challenging students to integrate theological studies with practice
  3. Helping students to discover and unfold their areas of spiritual gifting and to apply this for the benefit of Christ and the Church

Students are placed under the direct supervision of a local mentor at the place of their internship or practicum with whom they should meet regularly. They also report to the ETS Director of Practical Ministries who will also stay connected with the mentors.


There are three main types of Practical Ministry undertaken by students at ETS, described as follows: