All students who attend ETS are required to participate in an eight-week extended practicum in each of the first three years. The practicum is normally planned for January and February and may be divided up into various activities or be one continuous activity, in one or more churches or institutions.
These practicums will be assigned in cooperation with the director, pastor, or co-worker of the local church or institution, and the student. Each student may voice his/her preference and become involved in his own placement, in close cooperation with the director.
Before the student leaves for the practicum, check the following items:

Reports on the Practicum

Please return to ETS the filled-out report forms within 14 days after a particular ministry. 

Staying at ETS 

The costs of room and board in the school during the above-mentioned time are not included in the room and board charges for the academic year, except during those times when a student is assigned to a practicum ministry in the school. Permission to remain outside semester time is only granted in exceptional circumstances.