MA in Biblical Studies

A three-year part-time master’s degree program with six modules per year and a final thesis which is obligatory. This degree is offered in conjunction with Lee University, USA, as a postgraduate training program using an in-service model. It requires a bachelor degree (180 ECTS) and at least a year of practical experience working in the subject area, e.g. church ministry (30 ECTS). This degree is offered by part-time study only, requiring attendance on campus at ETS for the intensive study modules; the program consists of 90 ECTS making a total of 300 ECTS (Bachelor, practical ministry and postgraduate study), which leads to the same level of qualification and eligibility as the consecutive Master degree.

Admission to the Program

Students must possess a Bachelor degree (180 ECTS). Since the study concept is postgraduate training it requires at least one year of practical experience working in the area of study, e.g. church ministry. This has to be confirmed in writing by a On-site Mentor or Supervisor and counts for 30 ECTS. This gives the student the same entrance level as the consecutive entry into Masters study, which leads to the same level of qualification and eligibility. German law makes provision in certain cases that students may engage in postgraduate training by completing an entrance examination rather than possessing a bachelor degree.

Special entry requirements:

For the Biblical Studies, students with a bachelor degree in another study area are required to complete four Modules as a propaedeuticum, normally NT Greek I & II, Systematic Theology and Church History.


The Master of Arts in Biblical Studies is a master degree in the area of Biblical studies and theology. It requires a minimum of one year of practical work or ministry in a related occupational field, which should be fulfilled before the studies on campus begin; this is awarded 30 ECTS. The academic content, including a thesis (20 ECTS), has a total of 90 ECTS, making it a 120 ECTS MA.

The MA is offered jointly by Lee University and ETS. It is accredited by the Southern Association of Colleges and Schools ( in the USA and, from June 2017, has been accredited by evalag ( in accordance with §72a LHG BW Germany.

Graduates are eligible to study further and pursue a doctorate, since Lee University is denoted as H+ by anabin ( and this Master degree has German accreditation.

A graduate with this degree could pursue a career in the following areas:

  • Church ministry: pastor, administrator, youth pastor, Christian education, evangelism, church planting

  • Schools: teacher of religion, support worker, school evangelist

  • Theological colleges: teacher, research assistant, educational administration

  • Missions: in any of the above areas in a foreign land

Course Offerings 

Spring 2019
THEO 553 History of Doctrine II T. Cross 04-08 Mar 2019 C / H
THEO 594 Luther Reception in Pentecostal Theology    D. Courey 08-12 April 2019    S / N
THEO 580 Trinity S. Jenkins 10-14 Jun 2019 C / H
Fall 2019
HEBR 501 Hebrew I P. Schmidgall     Fall 2019 L / S
BIBL 550 Hermeneutics S. Schumacher 02-06 Sep 2019 C / H
THEO 594 Holiness Movement TBA 21-25 Oct 2019 S / N
THEO 581 Political Theology L. Stephenson 09-13 Dec 2019 S / N
Spring 2020
THEO 593            Practical Theology C. Simpson Jan - Feb 2020 S / N
BIBL 570 Book Study: Ezekiel B. Peterson 09-13 Mar 2020 S / N
THEO 535 Doctrine of the Holy Spirit S. Schumacher 20-24 Apr 2020 S / N
THEO 575 Contemporary Theology C. Stephenson    15-19 Jun 2020 C / H
Fall 2020
THEO 556 Jonathan Paul and German Pentecostalism     C. Simpson     31 Aug - 04 Sep 2020     C / H
THEO 573 Pentecostal Theology G. Sommer 05 - 09 Oct 2020 C / H
THEO 594 Pastoral Theology C. Simpson 16 - 20 Nov 2020 C / H
Spring 2021
PHIL 552 Philosophy Of Religion     T. Miller     08 - 12 March 2021     C / H
BIBL 560 Second Temple - taught in Jerusalem P. Schmidgall 17 - 21 May 2021 S / N
TBA TBA C. Stephenson 07 - 11 June 2021 S / N
Every Spring
THEO 598 Thesis L. Stephenson Spring C / H

C / H = Core Course
S / N = Supplementary Course
L / S = Language

Last Update: 21.09.2020

Fees: 510.- EUR/Module