The professional practicum begins on 1st September and continues until 31st August of the following year (full-time practicum). Ten weeks a year are permitted for vacation, research, and writing. In individual cases, this time schedule can be modified with the school’s permission. 
The practicum can be extended into a two-year practicum (part-time practicum) if the student is involved in another occupation during the internship time. 
Missions majors must serve their internship year outside their home country.

Location of Practicum

It is primarily the responsibility of the student to find an internship site. This decision however must be done in dialogue with the school. The practicum can take place in a local church or in a trans-denominational organization. The on-location internship supervisor must be qualified.

Requirements of the Practicum

A full-time professional practicum should consist of a 40-hour week. (This does not include personal devotions, etc.). The part-time practicum consists of a 15-hour week and contains subject-oriented requirements.