(1) If a candidate has in any way cheated on the examinations and this fact becomes known only after the Diploma has been handed over, the Examination Board may subsequently rectify the relevant grades and declare the examination partially or completely failed. 

(2) If the prerequisites for admission to an examination were not properly fulfilled, and there was no intended deceit on the part of the candidate, and this fact becomes known only after the certificate has been handed over, this deficiency will be remedied by passing the examination. However, if the result was deliberately wrongly obtained, the Examination Board decides. 

(3) The interested parties have the opportunity to comment before making a decision. 

(4) The incorrect certificate must be withdrawn and, if necessary, a new one issued. With the incorrect certificate, the Master's diploma must also be withdrawn if the examination for the act of deception has been declared "failed". A decision pursuant to paragraph (1) and paragraph (2.2) shall be excluded after a period of five years from the date of the certificate.