The Pastoral Training program is a 3 year program designed to help students gain a deeper biblical understanding as well as to learn about church leadership, how to create sermons and the responsibilities of the pastor and ministry leader within the church. ETS offers a program that emphasizes both theory as well as putting the gained knowledge into practice

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Our students have an opportunity to not only learn the theoretical side of things, but to put these learned theories into practice.  A few examples this is found through opportunities such as communion, baptism, foot washing, preaching & preparing sermons, weddings, funerals and more.  Students leave ETS with a deeper understanding of how these different sacraments operate within the everyday life.

Church Profession in Pastoral Studies Diploma


First Year

  • Old Testament Survey
  • New Testament Survey
  • Hermeneutics
  • Pentecostalism
  • Intro to Christian Doctrines
  • Intro to Music Ministries
  • Christian Education
  • Church Planting and Growth
  • Intro to Missions
  • Intro to Psychology
  • Human Sexuality
  • Understanding Human Behaviour
  • Intro to Sociology
  • Intro to Christian Care
  • Library Research and Writing
  • Foundation Paper
  • Pastoral Practicum
  • Spiritual Formation I
  • Ministry Internship


Second Year

  • Pastoral Theology
  • Conflict Management 
  • Pneumatology 
  • Hebrew I
  • Hebrew II
  • Hebrew III
  • Systematic Theology I
  • Systematic Theology II 
  • Homiletics 
  • Anthropology 
  • Genesis  
  • Genesis  
  • Deuteronomy
  • Isaiah
  • OT Exegesis Preparation  
  • OT Exegesis
  • Diploma Paper  
  • Pastoral Practicum 
  • Spiritual Formation II 
  • Ministry Internship

Third Year

  • Denominations and Sects 
  • Contemporary Theology
  • Rhetoric
  • Spiritual Gifts
  • Ethics
  • Principles of Teaching
  • Church Administration
  • NT Greek I
  • NT Greek II
  • NT Greek III
  • Church History I
  • Church History II
  • Johannine Literature
  • Luke 
  • Acts
  • NT Exegesis Preparation 
  • NT Exegesis
  • Bachelor Thesis
  • Pastoral Practicum 
  • Spiritual Formation III
  • Ministry Internship 

Der am ETS erlangte Bachelor in Theologie (Äquivalent) ist durchECTE is attained after three years of full-time study. In Germany, a one-year professional subsequent Internship is required to qualify as a recognized qualification.

Das Grundlagen Zertifikat ist Voraussetzung für diesen Studiengang, so dass die dort erworbenen Kompetenzen auch auf den B.Th. gelten zuzüglich der im Folgenden aufgelisteten für den Schwerpunkt Pastoraler Dienst: