Lehrkörper und Mitarbeiterschaft


Dr. Stephen Darnell

Chancellor of Education
B.A., William Carter College, USA
M.Th., International Bible Institute, USA
D.Th., International Bible Institute, USA

Manuel Martin-Arroyo

EQF 6, European Theological Seminary, DE
M.A., Lee University, USA


Dr. Carl Simpson

Academic Dean
B.Sc., London University, UK
PGCE, Lancaster University, UK
Ph.D., University of Glyndwr, UK

Dr. Jeff Sargent

B.A., Lee College, USA
M.A., University of Alabama, USA
M.S., University of Alabama, USA
Ph.D., University of Alabama, USA

Dr. Daniela Augustine

B.S., M.S., UNWE, Bulgaria
M.Div., COG Theological Seminary, USA
D.Th., University of South Africa, ZA

Dr. Steffen Schumacher

Biblical Studies
EQF 6, European Bible Seminary, DE
M.Div., Pentecostal Theological Seminary, USA
Ph.D., Bangor University, UK

Dr. Blayne Waltrip

B.A., California State University, USA
M.A., COG Theological Seminary, USA
Ph.D., Fuller Theological Seminary, USA

Dr. Tatiana M. Gorbacheva

B.A., Moscow Energy Institute, RUS
M.Div., COG Theological Seminary, USA
Ph.D., Nizhny Novgorod State Linguistic University, RUS

Dr. Michael Großklaus

B.A., Bibelschule Bergstrasse, DE
M.Sc., Lee University, USA
Ph.D., University of South Africa, ZA

Dr. Gottfried Sommer

EQF 6., Theologisches Seminar Beröa, DE
M.Div., Freie Theologische Akademie Gießen, DE
Ph.D., Evangelische Theologische Faculteit, BE

Dr. Lisa Stephenson

Biblical Studies
B.A. Lee University, USA
M.A. Lee University, USA
​Ph.D.Lee University, USA

Dr. David Courey

Biblical Studies
B.Sc. (Hons) Bishop’s University, CA
M.A. Laurentian University, CAN
​Ph.D. McMaster Divinity College, CAN

Dr. Terry Cross

Biblical Studies BA, Lee College, USA
MA, Ashland Theological Seminary, USA
MDiv, Ashland Theological Seminary, USA
ThM, Princeton Theological Seminary, USA
PhD, Princeton Theological Seminary, USA

Dr. Bob Welch

Biblical Studies M.Th. University of Wales, UK
Ph.D Bangor University, UK

Philipp Häde

EQF 6, European Theological Seminary, DE
M.A., Lee University, USA

Othniel Erdei

Practical Theology
B.A., DHBW Stuttgart, DE
M.A., Lee University, USA

Kyle Hinson

Biblical Studies
B.A, Lee University, USA
M.Div., COG Theological Seminary, USA


Janice Darnell

Chancellor's Assistant

Bethany Simpson

House Director / Campus Pastor

Lisette Schumacher

Front Office / Registrar

Gabriel Pascariu

Grounds and Facility Manager

Dorina Pascariu


Anneke Reinecker


Viorel Naros

Chef Cook

Ilva Kalve

Dormitory Supervisor

Rafael Dragomir

Studio Production Manager 

Claudia Roxana Dragomir

Content Creator