Programs offered at ETS make use of both full-time faculty from the main campus and adjunct faculty from the countries and cultures where the programs are located. Students receive the advantage of having teachers that are full-time academicians from Lee while also experiencing vetted adjunct professors that are familiar with the local culture and can appropriately contextualize the curriculum.

Full-time faculty travel to ETS to teach classes multiple times per year. These faculty are drawn from the Lee University full-time faculty within the disciplines of the programs being offered. Qualified adjunct faculty are secured by ETS and approved by the respective program coordinator at Lee University. The university uses the same procedures for hiring and credentialing as used on the main campus, and the basic requirements are the same. Part-time and adjunct faculty are required to have a doctorate degree in an area relevant to the course that they are teaching. For USA professors, transcripts of all undergraduate and graduate work are normally required; however, certified diplomas and letters are the standards of documentation for most European schools. Once a part-time faculty member is approved, official documentation of their educational credentials is sent to the Office of the Vice President for Academic Affairs at Lee University.