Library users are obligated to keep the following library regulations:

  1. The library and reading room will be open during the semesters from 07.00 – 22.00, although a librarian will not be continually on duty. 
  2. The use is limited to the index inventory, meaning books with a signature on the back of the book and a barcode on the inside of the book cover. 
  3. Each book needs to be properly checked out with the Student ID, also if used in the library or reading room! In no case, library inventory is allowed to be taken out of the library without properly signing it out.
  4. The limit on signed-out books is ten books. The librarian may allow exceptions 
  5. Should the Self-Check-out-System not work, it can have the following reasons:
    i. The maximum of ten books is reached
    ii. One or more of the already signed-out books are overdue.
    iii. The book is already reserved by another student.
    In order to find out the reason, the student should log into the library system with his/her username and password. 
  6. Used books are not allowed to be placed back on the shelves by oneself, but are to be put on the book cart (main library) or the return shelf (reading room).
  7. Books, being reserved for current courses, are kept on the reserved shelf in the main library and can only be checked out for a maximum of two hours. Books taken from there HAVE to be put back into the reserved shelf.
  8. The regular lending period is four weeks. It can be extended by two weeks if there is no reservation or an ulterior usage needed. Handing over the book to a third person is not allowed. The library is free to shorten the lending period on special occasions. 
  9. Magazines and newspapers from the magazine shelf are only allowed to be read in the library or the foyer and have to be put back in the right spot on the magazine shelf.
  10. The working space in the library has to be totally cleaned, at the latest in the evening.
  11. In order to enable a possible undisturbed working atmosphere we are asking for silence.
  12. Food and beverages are permitted in all library rooms, except water in lockable containers.
  13. The library staff is available at the following times: 
    Mo - Thu 8:30 am – 12:30 pm
  14. All of the library staff working place is not accessible to users.
  15. At damage or loss of a checked-out book the user has to cover all expenses, the library suffers from this. Because he can be held accountable for every damage, it is recommended to review the book yourself when checking it out and inform the library staff about possible defects.
  16. The librarian may exclude certain library property from lending or use.