1. Students enrolled for full-time studies at the European Theological Seminary are expected to accept no employment or regular ministerial engagements beyond their studies, assigned field ministries, and assigned house duties.
  2. Application for exceptions to this rule must be made in writing to the Academic Dean during the first week of each semester.
  3. The following reasons may be used for seeking such exceptional permission:
    a. If the student receives no or insufficient government aid and has no other regular source of income to cover school fees.
    b. If there exists some other unusual financial hardship.
  4. Permitted extracurricular work or ministry may not require more than ten hours per week and not more than two evenings and/or afternoons on school days (Monday through Friday) per week.
  5. The permission for extracurricular work and ministry may even be reduced lower by the school when the student‘s academic record or personal situation makes it necessary.
  6. Non-German students while in Germany are permitted to work up to two months per year outside of school to earn money. However, a work permit from the government is required before beginning such employment.