The European Theological Seminary does not offer tenure, but faculty are offered legal contracts. Faculty are evaluated, primarily as a means of ongoing development, on an annual basis. Board decisions, when necessary, regarding personnel, are normally taken at the Spring Board meeting. Before the end of the Spring semester, the president shall inform any full-time faculty member, in writing, if their employment status will change.

Faculty whose employment is terminated shall be advised of the reasons that contributed to that decision if he or she so desires. Faculty who are placed on probation may not remain on that status for more than two consecutive years. In the event of a decision not to renew, or to place on probationary status, the individual in question shall have the right to be advised of the reason(s) that contributed to that decision. But it should be understood that the burden of proof regarding competence and performance rests with the individual in question.

Faculty who intend to retire or voluntarily terminate their employment with the seminary at the end of the academic year should notify the President and Board Chairman, in writing, no later than the Spring Board meeting preceding the termination of their employment.

The President and Board of Directors reserve the right to suspend temporarily the services and campus activities of any faculty member and/or employee who violates his or her responsibilities to the institution is insubordinate, is guilty of moral turpitude, or contributes to divisiveness in the school. Before such action is taken the President shall talk with the person in question regarding the seriousness of the offense. If the matter cannot be resolved the President shall provide the suspended faculty member with a written statement of the reason(s) for the suspension. In cases of suspension, full compensation and benefits shall continue until such time as the matter can be brought before the Board of Directors at which time the faculty member shall have an opportunity to be heard.