Periodically the leadership of the Church of God and the Seminary’s Board of Directors has sought to make an objective evaluation of the ministry of the school and appointed Study Commissions to undertake these evaluations and report back to the Board.

More specific objectives for the school were outlined in the Study Commission Report in April, l989, and reaffirmed by a second Study Commission in May, l998. The reports were approved by the EBS Board of Directors and read as follows:

The European Bible Seminary is a Church of God institution that provides training in the following Christian ministries: pastoral, Christian formation, music, social ministries, youth and children, evangelism, and missions. It subscribes to the following objectives:

  1. To provide the ministry and laity with a theological education of the highest quality
  2. To develop mature disciples who are effective witnesses of Jesus Christ
  3. To ground the students in the Christian faith and to acquaint and establish them with the doctrinal commitments of the Church of God
  4. To emphasize Biblical piety and academic excellence to prepare students for a disciplined life of Christian service
  5. To provide the environment and resources conducive to a practical understanding of the Christian faith
  6. To guide and equip students in the study of the Word of God and in the skills to communicate it to others
  7. To prepare, equip, and mature students to fulfill their Christian calling as lay persons or ministers
  8. To train students from European countries or those with a specific calling to minister in Europe
  9. To train students within the conservative, evangelical, Pentecostal, holiness tradition and with a commitment to the full inspiration and authority of the Scriptures
  10. To equip leaders and co-workers for the Kingdom of God with the attitude and lifestyle to reach the world with the Gospel, to make disciples, to plant and build churches, and to fulfill the Great Commission of our Lord Jesus Christ