The faculty, in conjunction with the administration and Board of Directors, is entrusted with the conduct of the academic programs of the seminary with special responsibility in the areas of curriculum, subject matter, syllabi, methods of instruction, peer evaluation, professional development, and those aspects of student life that relate to the educational process.

In matters where the power of review or final decision lodged in the Board of Directors or delegated by it to the President has been exercised adversely, the faculty shall have the opportunity to express their views to the President or to the Board of Directors. This privilege should, however, always be exercised in an appropriate and professional manner.

The faculty shall establish the requirements for all educational programs offered and for the course work required, taking into careful consideration the mission of the school and the needs of the church that it serves.

The faculty shall enjoy the privilege of making recommendations to the administration and/or Board of Directors on matters of vital concern to the faculty such as the selection of the President, the formulation of the annual budget of the seminary, and the establishment of a policy that has direct relevance to the faculty. Such recommendations should always be in written form and submitted to the appropriate persons (the President and/or Chairman of the Board of Directors).