Students withdrawing from the Seminary may under certain conditions receive a refund for the tuition, room, and board fees that they have paid. The request has to be made IN WRITING within two weeks after the departure from the Seminary. An adjustment of the fees will then be granted according to the following rules:

  1. Room and board will be adjusted by the full amount unused to the date of withdrawal.
  2. Tuition will be adjusted on the following percentages:
    a. during the first two weeks of the semester (or the first day in a compact course) 80%
    b. during the third week of a semester (or the second day in a compact course) 60%
    c. during the fourth week of a semester (or the third day in a compact course) 40%
    d. During the fifth week of a semester 20%

After the fifth week in a semester (or the third day in a compact course) there is NO adjustment possible of tuition. All of the tuition charged to the student‘s account is payable.

Students who are dismissed from the Seminary for discipline reasons will receive no adjustment on tuition for the semester. As a general principle, no refund will be given for fees other than tuition, room, and board.