The purpose of the Handbook is to make the Lee graduate student aware that ETS is a seminary with residential students and to enable the student to be aware of his/her responsibilities and of life at the school. In the best interest of the school community, some rules are absolutely necessary. The prospective graduate student of Lee University who expects to attend courses at ETS should be aware of the special atmosphere and be aware of this before making an application.

Applicants to study in the Masters programs must do so on the official application form (see website), submit two academic references and one personal character reference, possess an accredited Bachelor degree (or equivalent), and may be required to submit a piece of academic writing. The application will be considered by a three-member Admissions Committee at ETS. Special access - any student not meeting the minimum requirements may apply for special access and will be referred to the program coordinators at Lee who may exercise discretion and sanction an acceptance on probation.

Graduate studies courses offered in conjunction with Lee University are aimed at mature students who have completed undergraduate education equivalent to a Bachelor degree and desire advanced training for Leadership in Christian Ministries. In addition to giving each student a balanced exposure to biblical, historical, theological, and/or psychological studies through the required courses, there is an emphasis on developing skills and competence in leadership preparation.