The President of the Seminary and teaching faculty who teach half-time (6-7 hours per semester), or more, shall constitute the voting members of the faculty.


Members of the Administration and members of the faculty, who teach less than half-time, shall constitute the associate members. Associate members may, with the permission of the presiding officer, attend faculty meetings. The privilege of speaking on issues coming before the faculty, however, extends only to voting members except by invitation of the presiding officer.


The President of the seminary shall set the date of all faculty meetings and shall act as chair at all regular meetings unless a voting member of the faculty or the Board Chairperson shall be designated by the President as presiding officer pro-tem.


The President shall appoint annually a secretary who shall keep a record of the proceedings, promptly distribute the minutes of each meeting to the appropriate persons and maintain the accuracy of all recorded actions of the faculty. The secretary shall assume office at the first regular meeting of the faculty each academic year. In the event that the secretary is absent, the presiding officer shall appoint an acting secretary for the meeting.