In the undergraduate program all academic and practical courses are evaluated by the individual instructors according to the grading system listed below:

%GradeGPADecimal valueGerman Grade
100-93A4.01,01 (excellent)
87-83B3.02,02 (good)
76-70C2.03,03 (average)
64-55D1.04,04 (sufficient)
54-0F0.05,05 (failing)

The quality point system allows for computing the academic standing of the student by multiplying first the quality points obtained in a course by the respective number of semester hours of the respective course and then by dividing the total number of quality points obtained by the total semester hours attempted by the student. The grade point average will be based on the following scale: 4.0 - 3.5 excellent; 3.49 – 3.0 good; 2.0 – 2.99 (average).

Scholastic records of each student are reviewed at the end of each semester at a meeting of all faculty members. The educational continuance of each student is determined at this meeting. A grade point average of 2.0 is required to progress to the next level or to graduate. Grade point average is calculated by multiplying the number of ECTS for each course by the number of quality points a student has earned, the total for all courses in a semester is then divided by the total number of hours attempted. Failure to attain these standards may lead to a student being placed on academic probation, and if there is still no improvement a student may be dismissed from the seminary.

A grade report will be issued to every student within two months of the end of the semester. If the student is on probation for the next semester, it will be mentioned in the report.