The campus of the European Theological Seminary (ETS) is located in the town of Kniebis, Germany in the Black Forest. Formerly a health spa and resort, the campus has buildings ranging in age from 105 years old to those built-in 2003. All buildings have been updated and remodeled since 2003, making the facility very suitable for the education process. All classrooms are equipped with Digital White Boards, two mobile Zoom stations, and network connections for current teaching techniques. The classrooms are furnished with lumbar supporting chairs and tables that have a large area for laptop computers. The institution has 3 classrooms: a large classroom with about 40 students, a smaller classroom with 30, and a seminar room with 20 students. There is a conference room with a built-in dual-screen zoom station available in the office suite with 16 chairs. An audio-video recording studio has been created. The chapel is also available for large classes with over 50 students and also has a projector as needed. A reading room is available for students with two tables holding a maximum of 16 students. The campus has many other spaces available for out-of-class conversations and small group work. The institution has 10 office spaces that house the staff, and dorm spaces are available for undergraduate students. There are local hotels nearby that serve the graduate students during their intensive sessions.

A wireless network is available throughout the campus providing students with access to the Internet. Two computers are available for open use in the library, and students can access these computers between 8 am and midnight. Most students bring their own computers. A copier/printer is available to students in the library. Students are provided a number that gives them access to copiers and printers. Students are charged for prints/copies, and this is managed through the assigned number. Students in the Marriage and Family Studies program use R software for the research methods class.

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