1. Consider changes in the curriculum, including the addition or deletion of courses, changes in majors, minors, or areas of concentration, and the creation of diploma or degree-granting programs
  2. Consider all curriculum changes and development in keeping with the educational objectives of the seminary
  3. Make recommendations to the Board of Directors concerning all matters relating to curriculum development. The final decision regarding curriculum development and changes rests with the ETS Board of Directors

The Procedure for adding or deleting a course is as follows:

  1. A proposal for adding or deleting any course should be presented in writing to the Academic Dean at least two weeks prior to the faculty meeting when the proposal will be discussed
  2. In cases where a new course (or courses) is being proposed each course proposal must include the following:
    a) The course title and number, the credit hours, and any prerequisites
    b) The school mission statement and a brief explanation of how the proposed course(s) is relevant to the mission of the seminary
    c) A catalog description and purpose statement for the course
    d) A statement of the general and behavioral objectives of the course
    e) An outline of the topics to be covered
    f) Instructional methods, activities, and evaluation
    g) Suggested textbooks and supplementary reading lists
  3. In cases where the deletion of a course is being recommended, the rationale for the deletion should be provided in writing
  4. The Academic Dean shall review all proposals and consult with the Administrative Committee prior to the faculty meeting when such proposals shall be considered
  5. If approved by the Administrative Committee the proposal(s) shall be discussed and voted upon by the faculty. Any amendments proposed at the general faculty meeting must be referred back to the Administrative Committee unless adopted by a unanimous vote
  6. If approved by the faculty, the proposal(s) shall be presented to the Board of Directors, which shall make the final determination on all proposed changes.
  7. Once the procedure has been completed the course(s) will be added or deleted from the school prospectus