The faculty, staff, and students at ETS come from different cultural and family backgrounds. Consequently, everyone is expected to exercise reasonable tolerance toward others and show courtesy, respect, and good manners in all relationships. Only by exercising an attitude of openness, honesty, and mutual acceptance can our whole school community live together in a Christian atmosphere in which everyone is interested in the welfare of the other. All students are required to meet the following principles:

  1. Live according to the Scriptural principles and the practical commitments of the Church of God International General Assembly Minutes. All doctrinal and practical commitments of the Church of God can be viewed and read under the “Beliefs” section found on the Church of God website at
  2. Be an example in relationships, in fellowship with other students, and in the church as a whole.
  3. Uphold spiritual priorities as persons called by God for ministry, and respect the cultural differences of our brothers and sisters.
  4. Help one another in times of difficulty and accept help in times of need.