1. ETS will be responsible for ensuring that each program is properly documented and meets the legal requirements for the operation of a foreign university in Germany.
  2. The appropriate administrator(s)/faculty at ETS will assist the respective Lee program coordinator in the adaptation of educational programs and courses to suit contextual needs.
  3. The appropriate administrator(s) at ETS will identify and recommend on-site faculty who have the appropriate credentials to teach each of the courses in the approved educational programs and will send the credentials of recommended faculty to the respective program coordinator for review.
  4. Students enrolled in on-site programs will pay tuition directly to ETS.
  5. With the exception of Lee faculty salary and airfare, ETS is responsible for all other expenses of on-site programs, including in-country travel, and room and board for Lee faculty teaching courses in this program. 
  6. ETS will be responsible for advertising, recruiting, and admitting students into on-site programs. Recruitment materials will adequately and accurately represent the programs, requirements, and services available to students.
  7. ETS will make available to students and prospective students the following: admissions requirements, policies for awarding transfer credit, academic calendars, grading practices, refund policies, and procedures for addressing student complaints.
  8. ETS will provide appropriate academic support services to students enrolled in on-site programs. This includes access to the library, technology, and other student support services.
  9. ETS will maintain records of student enrollment, course completion, and graduation in a safe and secure location. At the beginning of each semester, the appropriate administrator(s) at ETS will send rosters of students and course enrollments to the Lee Office of Records. At the end of each semester, final grades will be submitted to the Lee Office of Records.
  10. ETS will have adequate procedures in place for resolving student complaints and will be able to demonstrate it follows these procedures.
  11. ETS will make available physical facilities that appropriately serve the needs of the on-site educational programs.
  12. ETS agrees to maintain each program once it has begun so that all enrolled students can complete their program in a reasonable timeframe.