3.2.1. Schedule

Fees are due at the beginning of each semester, though graduate students may elect to pay within 30 days following each intensive course.

3.2.2. Deadline

Students must have their accounts paid in full before they may enroll for the next year. Students who cannot comply with this condition must make prior arrangements with the President.

3.2.3. Currency

All fees at ETS are charged in Euros. Since currency exchange rates fluctuate, the cost of school fees for those paying in foreign currencies may increase or decrease accordingly.

3.2.4. Mode of Payment

It is recommended to pay by bank transfer in Euros to the following account of the Church of God European Theological Seminary:
Volksbank Baiersbronn
IBAN - DE19642613630009491015 BIC - GENODES1BAI
Payments may also be made in euros by cash or credit card at ETS.

3.2.5 Time Limits

Registration Extension Fees and Thesis Submission

Graduate students who need to extend their studies beyond the normal three-year period or who have completed all courses but have not submitted a final Thesis in the normal three-year period must pay an annual Registration Extension Fee in the amount of € 500. A three US credit hour thesis will be charged at the normal rate for a course.

Coursework completed more than 10 years prior to admission is generally not accepted toward meeting degree requirements. The student has a maximum of six years from the date of admission to degree standing (and registration for course work) in which to complete the requirements for the master’s degree. Refer to specific program sections within the catalog for detailed policies.

The requirement of a thesis is a demonstration of the student’s research, writing, and critical thinking skills. Once the thesis topic and proposal have been accepted and the tutor assigned the submission deadlines and instructions must be adhered to, see 2.7.3

3.2.6 Graduation Fee

A graduation fee of 100 € is payable by all graduates, whether or not they attend the graduation ceremony.

N.B. All accounts must be paid prior to enrollment for the following academic year. Diplomas or Certificates will not be handed out until all bills have been paid and all library materials returned. Transcripts will not be issued until all requirements have been fulfilled.