(1) Candidates may withdraw from the module or partial module examinations within the deadlines specified by the Director of Studies in accordance with the directions in the MA Module Handbook

(2) If candidates withdraw from their module or partial module examination after the deadline specified in paragraph (1) or after the start of the examination or if they miss the date of the examination, this is deemed to be "not sufficient" below 2.0 GPA (5.0 German), unless the Examination Board accepts the reasons given. The same applies if a written examination is not completed within the prescribed time. The reasons must be reported to the Examination Board immediately in writing and made credibly. In case of resignation or failure due to illness, a medical certificate must be submitted without delay stating the probable duration of the inability to take the examination. If the reasons are accepted, a new appointment will be scheduled. The test results already available are to be included in this case. The non-acknowledgment of the reasons by the Examination Board must be communicated to the person concerned in writing and justified. 

(3) In the event of long-term and repeated illness, the Examination Board may require a certificate from a doctor appointed by the university. 

(4) If candidates attempt to influence the results of their examination performance by deceit, plagiarism, or use of unauthorized aids, the relevant examination performances are deemed to be "insufficient" below 2.0 GPA (5.0 German), before such a decision is taken, the candidate has a right to be heard. Candidates who are guilty of a breach of the rules of the exam may be excluded from the continuation of the exam by the respective examiners or supervisors; in this case, the respective examination performance is assessed as "insufficient" below 2.0 GPA (5.0 German). In serious cases, the selection board may exclude the candidate from participating in further examinations. 

(5) Candidates may request within one month that the decisions under paragraph (4) be reviewed by the Examination Board. A change of decision is to be communicated to the affected party in writing without delay.