The Cook is nominated by the President and approved by the Board of Directors. The work schedule will be coordinated by the House Parents (normally from 9:00 am to 5:00 pm, five days per week) who work closely with the cook in the fulfillment of his or her duties. The President shall be informed of exceptions to the normal working hours and absences due to illness or other reasons.


  1. Preparing a budget for food and cleaning materials for the Kitchen. The President must approve this budget before the beginning of each semester. The president must approve other purchases or major changes in the kitchen and dining room area
  2. Plan menus two weeks in advance and post one week in advance
  3. Prepare two meals each day, lunch and dinner, and ensure that a healthy and wholesome breakfast is available
  4. Purchase and order food for food services
  5. Supervise and ensure safe and hygienic storage of all food items
  6. Maintain the cleanliness, orderliness, and upkeep of the kitchen, dining room, cooler room, and storage rooms for food and cleaning materials
  7. Work closely with the House Parents regarding student work assignments. At the start of each new year, participate in the orientation process regarding work assignments
  8. Work closely with the house manager to maintain the general cleanliness and orderliness of the House, especially the public areas. Student tasks found to have been carried out unsatisfactorily should be reported to the house manager
  9. Supervise the work of all assistants in the Kitchen, storage, and dining room areas
  10. Following an altered work schedule during school holidays and summer vacation, where general cleaning and cooking responsibilities shall be coordinated with the President and House Parents