The House and Grounds Coordinator works closely and cooperatively with the House Manager and is directly responsible to the school President.


  1. Shall oversee the security and maintenance of the buildings and their contents. Serious security and maintenance problems must be reported to the president immediately. Breakages, thefts, and damage to school property must be reported immediately
  2. Shall work closely with the house parents in overseeing the conservation and economic use of water, electricity, and heating oil for the buildings. The coordinator should consult with the Administrative Assistant to determine when to order heating oil
  3. Shall be responsible for the care and beautification of the grounds (e.g. grass, hedges, leaves, removal of snow and ice, etc.). Students may be assigned these tasks as part of their work assignments, but the coordinator is responsible to see that they are completed properly
  4. Shall oversee and maintain school vehicles, tools, and machinery. All vehicles must be registered, cared for, insured, and operated by properly licensed and responsible persons
  5. Shall work closely with the house parents in making student work assignments and keeping student workers on task
  6. All purchase orders for the school must be pre-approved by the president or the Administrative Assistant
  7. Other assignments by the President relating to House and Grounds