The Registrar (custodian of Student Records) works under the supervision of the Academic Dean and is responsible to the school president.


  1. Shall, under the supervision of the Academic Dean, process the registration of students
  2. Shall supervise computer data entry; processing class rolls and student grade reports
  3. Shall assist the Academic Dean in evaluating transcripts for admission and graduation
  4. Shall process requests for and distribution of student transcripts
  5. Shall prepare grade point averages for the Academic Dean
  6. Shall prepare certificates and diplomas for graduates
  7. Shall assist the Administrative Assistant in processing student applications
  8. Other duties assigned by the Academic Dean or the President relating to admissions, registration, student records, library, etc.
  9. Shall communicate with the Lee University Records Office Student Registrations, Grades, and Graduation intentions.
  10. Shall prepare the annual report for the German Oberschulamt
  11. Shall archive the absence forms from the students
  12. Shall create and update the meal and student birthday list
  13. Shall register the students in the Master level with Lee each Semester
  14. Shall create the timetable for each master course
  15. Shall archive the Master Thesis
  16. Shall stay in contact with the Master students