The Director of the Library works under the direct supervision of the Academic Dean who has the responsibility for the administration of the library and its budget. The Director of the Library is nominated by the President and approved by the Board of Directors.


  1. Oversee the day-to-day running of the library, ensuring that the rules for the use of the library, set out in the Student Handbook, are observed
  2. Oversee the lending facilities, ensuring a complete record of loans, and recalling all materials at the end of each semester
  3. Keep a record of the library stock and catalog all new acquisitions as soon as possible (creating call numbers and labels, cataloging the books etc.)
  4. Have responsibility for the Librarian’s computer and records
  5. Prepare and oversee the Reserved Shelf with the books and articles required to be placed there for each course (reaching out to the teachers, getting the required books, changing the books’ status in the library system, recording in an excel table, creating specific Reserved Shelf Labels etc.)
  6. Place orders for new books, periodicals, Library supplies etc. as required
  7. Taking care of Periodicals and journals (recording in excel table, stamps, shelves, invoices)
  8. Communicate with Lee University’s distance librarian about the needs of students in the graduate program.
  9. Order books from the University of Tübingen for a loan, if required (Fernleihe)
  10. Create and manage the printer accounts for the students
  11. Library introduction for new students and assistance for students if necessary
  12. Preparations for graduation (September/October): Gowns for graduates and teachers, seating plans, marching in, instructions for graduates etc.