It is within the President’s authority to appoint the Dormitory Supervisor. This individual will be directly accountable to the House Manager and shall consult regularly with the House Manager and the House Parents regarding the condition of the house and its occupants. The President must always be informed when the Dormitory Supervisor plans to be away from the house for a prolonged period of time. Absence can only be approved by the House Manager.


  1. Shall provide housing for all the students, in the campus and off campus, and get accommodations at the beginning of the school year.
  2. Shall make students feel welcome and introduce them to the ETS community.
  3. Shall contact the new students via email and send them the list of the items they´ll need to bring/have for the school year.
  4. Shall handle room assignments and room changes for students and guests as well.
  5. Shall assist in the welcoming and orientation of new students each semester and meet with resident students twice each semester to handle problems/issues relating to residential life.
  6. Shall supervise and coordinate the students’ workhour schedules relating to the kitchen, dining room, and cleaning personnel.
  7. Shall coordinate student work responsibilities, tidiness, and maintenance of the dormitory. Shall supervise the general cleanliness of the house. It is the duty of the Dormitory Supervisor to assign student work, maintain a record of hours worked, and keep students on task with regard to their work assignments.
  8. Shall keep the rooming lists, work hour lists, as well as room and office shields and students and faculty and staff postboxes updated.
  9. While this responsibility is a primary responsibility of the House Parents, in the event of an emergency where one would need to be taken to the Emergency Room, the House Parents or the Dormitory Supervisor shall provide transportation or shall call an ambulance. In the event of an extreme altercation and you feel the Police should be called, please do so if possible through the agreement of the President, House Manager, or the House Parents.
  10. Shall maintain a list of birthdays of students, faculty, and staff so that these special occasions may be recognized as appropriate.
  11. On different occasions, the Dormitory Supervisor shall work with the House Manager on special projects as special needs arise (e.g. special events at the school, Graduation/Opening Ceremony, Christmas Dinner, Thanksgiving Staff & Faculty dinner, J-terms, conferences, seminars, Master’s courses, etc.).
  12. Together with all the faculty and staff, the Dormitory Supervisor shall provide encouragement, advice, counseling, and direction to students if needed.
  13. Shall keep in touch with the House Parents and together lead the students in a practical way in living out their faith and love of Christ, in order to equip true disciples for the purpose of fulfilling the Great Commission of the Lord Jesus Christ.
  14. Shall keep a record of cleaning materials (agents), and other supplies needed in the dormitory and go shopping when those are missing. 
  15. Shall prepare guestrooms and show hospitality to all the guests which includes preparing a welcoming basket for visiting teachers, offering them laundry service, regularly checking if there is anything they might need, organize a room-cleaning service as needed.
  16. Shall assist students in preparing special events - Family Night, Prayer & Fasting Day, Music Evening, etc. 
  17. Alternating with other residential Staff and Faculty (House Parents or other residential assistants) in being a responsible contact person for the weekend – which means that in case of an emergency or if a student needs something during the weekend the so-called contact person is the first one who should be informed. The list with the contact information of a “contact person” is posted on the whiteboard.
  18. Shall be involved in the Spiritual Life of the students, which includes being a member of the Spiritual Life Committee, being a mentor to the assigned students, being a part of cell- group, and regularly attending devotions and chapel services. 
  19. Shall receive the deposits for the room keys at the beginning of the semester, and organize distribution and collection at the beginning and the end of the school year, as well as during winter break. At the end of the year, the Dormitory supervisor shall return the deposits after the return of the room keys.
  20. Shall on a weekly basis does a room check of all residential students and give instructions on how to clean precisely the room for the final room checks at the end of each semester.
  21. Shall handle the purchases of washing coins for washing and drying machines that are at students’ disposal in the Student Laundry. Periodically the money collected for these purposes shall be given to the school secretary. 
  22. Shall assign and keep a track of working hours for scholarship students (during the semesters and especially during summer).
  23. Shall organize a Cleaning Day towards the end of the spring semester, which includes preparing a list of work assignments for the day, and a list of students and their leaders (other school staff) assigned for each area.
  24. Shall keep the first aid boxes periodically properly stocked as well as keep a medication box under her/his supervision. When students are ill, the Dormitory Supervisor should assign someone to bring food to those that are sick, and if needed give them some medication.
  25. Shall prepare notes and gifts (chocolate bars) at the beginning of the year for students and faculty and staff, and farewell gifts and notes for the Farewell chapel for those students that are not returning next semester.
  26. Shall help House Manager in preparing the farewell gifts for departing staff and faculty members.
  27. Shall prepare the conference room and/or white room and organize refreshments for faculty & staff meetings and other meetings that might take place in the school. *Note: (for those meetings that rent our facilities – ladies committee meeting, mission-committee meeting, other meetings)
  28. Shall organize the Cleaning Week after the spring semester, which includes preparing a list of work assignments for the week, a list of students assigned for each area, as well as supervising the students and their work throughout the week.
  29. Shall keep the Display Case in front of the Official School Entrance updated according to the season and/or according to the special holiday/event.
  30. Shall enforce the rules of the handbook in relation to the dormitory life, dress code, appearance, quiet time, house security, and student labor.
  31. Shall perform any special duties as assigned by the House Manager.