The Administrative Assistant shall be nominated by the president and approved by the Board of Directors. The Board of Directors shall set the salary and terms of employment for the Administrative Assistant. He or she shall be directly responsible to the president and shall consult regularly with the president regarding areas of responsibility. Upon request of the president, the Administrative Assistant shall meet with the Administrative Committee and/or faculty for the purpose of consultation and reports.


  1. Shall assist the president with day-to-day administrative duties, including correspondence, business, and church-related contacts, and the internal affairs of the school. This shall include the opening and dispatching of school mail and correspondence, answering the telephone and sending faxes, making travel and accommodation arrangements for official school business
  2. Shall work closely with the president and academic dean on assignments relating to special meetings, conferences, J-terms, and graduate courses
  3. Shall assist with planning, promoting, and implementing summer programs and special events
  4. Shall serve as the financial officer of the school supervising the following:
    1. Keeping full and proper records of income and expenditures, bank accounts, and endowment funds
    2. Working with the president to prepare the annual budget
    3. Providing balance sheets and reports to the Board of Directors
    4. Collecting and recording fees and payments to the school
    5. Advising students as to their financial obligations, providing them with statements of their accounts, making liaison with BAföG and student sponsors
    6. Payments of salary to faculty and staff and the consequent taxes and insurance payments
    7. Approving all school purchases (major purchases and disbursements over 50 Euro must have the approval of the president)
    8. Overseeing medical and liability insurance for students and insurance coverage for the school (building, equipment, vehicles, etc.)
  5. Shall work closely with the president in the area of public relations
  6. Shall oversee the use and maintenance of computers and office equipment, and the purchase and distribution of office supplies
  7. Shall work closely with government offices on behalf of the school and students
  8. Shall oversee work schedules, vacation times, and absences of personnel
  9. Shall coordinate and oversee student help in the office
  10. Other tasks assigned by the president