A collection of textbooks, reference works, treatises, and magazines, is available for students in both German and English. Library materials are kept in the Library and the Reading Room. All reference books (which have yellow labels) may not be removed at any time. Books (which have white library codes) may be checked out of the library only by Library staff during office hours. A copying machine is also available to students. Each student is assigned a personal code at the start of the academic year and must pre-pay for a set number of copies. Library users are obligated to keep the following library regulations.
Graduate Students may check out library material for the period up to the next intensive course, though not longer than three months. In normal cases, the limit is five books or items. Materials can be checked for an additional month if no one has placed an order for the item or if another use for the item does not have priority. The Librarian can shorten the due date in special cases. Borrowed books must be returned to library personnel. All books and materials borrowed from the library must be returned before a student is cleared for graduation.

1.5.1 Access to Other Libraries

Graduate students have access to the ATLA database at the Squires Library, at Lee University
and should contact the Librarian for access codes, they also have permission to the extensive information resources of the University of Tübingen Library as external users.

1.5.2 Instructions for Using the Library

Those wishing to use the library must keep to the following instructions.

  1. Only materials which have been cataloged may be utilized.
  2. The checking out and returning of materials can only be done with the assistance of library personnel and the removal of library materials without prior permission is not allowed. No exceptions.
  3. The library and reading room will be open during the school year from 08.00 – 23.00, (although a librarian will not be continually on duty).
  4. Books that have been removed from the shelves should be replaced on the shelves by library personnel only. When finished, the books should be placed on the book cart. Any books taken from the reserved shelf must be returned to the reserved shelf.
  5. Magazines taken from the periodical shelf should be returned to the correct place.
  6. Library personnel is available at certain times to answer any questions.
  7. The library personnel work area is off-limits to the user.
  8. The Reading Room is for quiet study, so conversation is discouraged, and considerate behavior is expected from everyone.
  9. On leaving the Library or Reading Room please remove all personal belongings.
  10. Books kept on reserve for courses currently being taught are stored on special shelves in the library, and may only be removed for short periods, provided that the sign-out policy is observed.

1.5.3 Reproducing Materials

The making of photographs, photocopies, and microfilms from library materials is permitted. However, the user is responsible for observing copyright laws. Students will receive a number for the copier and be responsible to pay for all copies made.

1.5.4 Fees

  1. The Library Registration fee of 100 € per year (this includes access online).
  2. For library materials returned too late, the following applies:
    1st warning - a late fee of 1 €
    2nd warning - a late fee of an additional 2 €
    3rd warning - a late fee of an additional 3 € per unit
    The late fees are assessed according to the shown due date.
  3. If materials must be ordered, the user is responsible for any telephone and postal charges.
  4. If audio-visual media are borrowed for extracurricular activities, a set fee will be charged.

1.5.5 Violation of the Library Regulations

Readers who violate library regulations can lose their library privileges temporarily or permanently.