(1) In the written tests and other written work, the candidate should demonstrate that he can solve tasks and work on topics in a limited time and with limited resources using the usual methods of his field. The exam also determines whether the candidate has the necessary basic knowledge. The candidate can be given several topics to choose from. 

(2) The evaluation procedure should not exceed six to eight weeks. 

(3) The duration of a written exam should not be less than 60 minutes and not exceed 120 minutes. 

(4) The scope of the seminar and final theses are determined in words and set by the professor of each module. Any deviation from the given scope must be taken into account in the assessment. 

(5) The observance of the deadline for seminar papers and theses is part of the examination, cf. § 22 (2). Delayed written work is therefore considered "not sufficient" (5.0 Mangelhaft). 

(6) Notwithstanding (5) above, for an internship, reports a different deadline is observed: 

  • Delivery 1-4 days late: the maximum achievable grade is 2.0. (3.0 Befriedigend) 
  • Delivery 5-8 days late: the maximum achievable grade is 1.0. (4.0 Ausreichend)
  • Submission more than 8 days late: The internship report must be passed, but the credit points are not counted towards graduation. As compensation for the credit points otherwise earned through the internship, additional credits from the field of study to which the internship is assigned must be awarded at the same level.