The campus pastor shall be nominated by the president and approved by the ETS Board of Directors. He or she shall be directly responsible to the president and work closely with the president with regard to the spiritual life of the school.


  1. Weekly spiritual life events, require the attendance and participation of students to fulfill expectations for Community & Spiritual Formation. Allot consequences to students who do not fulfill these expectations, such as failing them in Community & Spiritual Formation or sending them to the disciplinary committee.
  2. Concerning devotions, assign speakers and translators, moderate announcements, and provide feedback for student devotions
  3. Concerning cell groups, appoint leaders and create groups. Determine the efficacy of each cell group agenda and require change if necessary. Assign students for monthly gender group meetings.
  4. Concerning chapel services, assign speakers, translators, and students for any speaking opportunities. Moderate chapel services. Determine the recipient of the financial offering.
  5. Concerning the ETS mentorship program, assign or reassign mentor (faculty/staff) and mentee (students) relationships each semester. Specify requirements for the meetings. Correct or remove mentors who are not meeting the requirements.
  6. Chair the Spiritual Life Committee meetings. This includes making decisions based on discussion points from the agenda. Also, determine and implement the semester theme.
  7. All responsibilities mentioned above fall under the supervision of the seminary president, whose approval is required for execution each semester.
  8. Concerning pastoral care, provide pastoral counseling for students, faculty, and staff. Address students concerning relationship topics, such as PDA, community life, and premarital counseling. Mediate conflicts between students that do not require a formal response from the seminary. Refer to conflicts that are outside of my authority and/or fall under the category of another staff member or group (e.g., the disciplinary committee). Evaluate student progress and address concerns in Christian conduct. Report significant updates to the seminary president.