Active involvement in practical ministries is an integral part of one’s preparation for ministry at ETS. Practical ministry involvement is not seen as a supplement to one’s studies but as an integration of the truths and principles learned in the classroom with practical application in real ministry situations. The intent is to prepare students for complete ministry in the work of the Lord. The practical ministries program at ETS is divided into three categories: Supervised Ministries, Summer Practicums, and the fourth year Professional Internship.

Selection and Qualification: The Director of Practical Ministries shall be nominated by the President of ETS and approved by the Board of Directors. He or she shall answer directly to the school president. The primary qualification for this position is practical ministry experience and a heart for ministry involvement. The overall responsibility of the Director of Practical Ministries is to organize, coordinate, and oversee all practical ministries activities of ETS students.


  1. Shall provide orientation to all students regarding practical ministries' responsibilities
  2. Shall place, supervise, and evaluate students in their practical ministry assignments
  3. Shall regularly debrief students regarding the progress, difficulties, etc. they are experiencing in their Field Ministry assignment
  4. Shall provide, receive, and process report/evaluation forms from students and mentors fulfilling practical ministry assignments
  5. Shall approve all changes in Field Ministry and internship assignments
  6. Shall oversee the progress and successful completion of the Senior/internship paper (through the assistance of faculty tutors)
  7. Shall maintain regular contact with students and mentors involved in supervised ministries, summer practicums, and internships and report regularly to the President and the faculty regarding their progress, unusual circumstances, difficulties, etc.
  8. Shall regularly encourage prayer on behalf of those involved in practical ministry activities