The curricula for all Lee University programs offered at ETS are designed and overseen by full-time Lee University faculty. The program coordinators at Lee University are ultimately responsible for the curriculum development process. The Director of the Graduate Counseling program at Lee University is the program coordinator for the Marriage and Family Studies program, and the Director of the Graduate Theology program is the program coordinator for the Biblical Studies program. These coordinators work with the respective chairs and deans at Lee University, as well as the relevant departmental committees and the Graduate Council, to gain the appropriate institutional approvals.

The programs and syllabi for all ETS programs were developed by full-time faculty at Lee University. All syllabi have been approved by the respective graduate departmental committees and the Graduate Council at Lee University, and each program has been approved by these committees and the entire graduate faculty. With only slight modifications from traditional master programs to accommodate cultural differences, the programs at ETS provide almost identical courses and requirements to the programs on the main campus. Any differences are presented to the appropriate committees on the Lee University campus and are approved by them before implementation.