(1) Existing tests may not be repeated. 

(2) Failed compulsory examinations must be repeated. Failed elective and elective exams can be repeated. 

(3) A failed exam can be repeated once. In the case of module examinations, after a repetition of the entire module, a third examination attempt is also possible. If the first test has been repeated, the exam must be passed immediately after the module has been re-booked. If the first exam has not been repeated, two exams may be taken if the module is reassigned. 

(4) If the module "Master thesis" is not passed, it can only be repeated once. 

(5) In a re-examination, a new question must be dealt with.

(6) For Module papers, the deadline for the repeated work is determined by the examiner. This deadline is at least two, a maximum of three months after notification of the original failed paper and requires a new topic.

(7) The initiative for agreeing on a new topic must in all cases come from the students.