Lee University maintains all official academic records for the ETS programs. When students are first admitted into a program, a record of the student is submitted to Lee by the ETS registrar. At the beginning of each term, the ETS registrar sends student course rosters to Lee University. At the end of each term, the ETS registrar submits final grades to Lee University. Since both Lee University and ETS have up-to-date student records, either institution can generate transcripts; however, the official record is maintained by Lee University. Upon completion of a degree, the ETS program coordinator notifies the graduation coordinator at Lee University that a student has completed all work required for a degree. The graduation coordinator works with the respective program coordinator at Lee University to complete a degree audit and certify the student does in fact meet the requirements for graduation. If approved, an official diploma is printed and sent to ETS prior to the graduation ceremony, if possible.
Electronic and hard copy records are kept in the respective Registrar offices at Lee University and ETS. The offices at both institutions are locked and the computers are secured through usernames and passwords. Hard-copy files are kept in locked filing cabinets.
The ETS registrar provides students with an electronic record of their transcript each semester. Grades are communicated to students through secure electronic communication. No student records are communicated publicly. ETS has a formal policy for the confidentiality and security of student records. This policy is made available to students in the ETS Graduate Student Handbook and on the ETS website.