The Extension Schools of Christian Ministry offer foundational courses in Bible, theology, and practical ministries to mature Christians who wish to prepare for Christian Ministry or to improve their ministry skills. They are offered under the auspices of the European Theological Seminary Department of External Studies and the standards set forth in the ESCM Handbook. The ESCM Director is responsible for the coordination of this program and the maintenance of the criteria set forth in the Handbook.

Selection and Qualification: The ESCM Director shall be nominated by the ETS President, approved by the Field Directors of Eastern and Western Europe, and appointed by the ETS Board of Directors for a two-year term. The Director shall answer directly to the ETS President. He or she shall also serve on the ETS Administrative Committee and hold full faculty status. The Director would normally hold a master's degree or its equivalent, have cross-cultural experience and be thoroughly familiar with Church of God doctrine and polity.


  1. Shall help develop, review, and implement a standard curriculum for the ESCM Program
  2. Shall coordinate and supervise the program and assist national ESCM directors in planning and implementing the program on the national level
  3. Shall maintain a close working relationship with the regional coordinators and the European Education Committee
  4. Shall serve as a liaison between ETS and national Bible Schools (and other training programs) throughout Europe and the Middle East (assisting, strengthening, and maintaining high academic standards as well as emphasizing the spiritual development of those being taught)
  5. Shall help to identify students who should come to ETS for advanced training.
  6. Shall periodically teach in extension centers so as to gain first-hand information about the progress and needs of the program
  7. Shall keep the President of ETS, the Field Directors, and the World Missions Education Coordinator informed about developments in the ESCM program (perhaps even a newsletter)
  8. Shall help to identify textbooks, course materials, and secure writers for curriculum materials as needed and applicable
  9. Shall draft and oversee the use of instruments of evaluation for the ESCM program so that the program(s) can be periodically evaluated
  10. Shall stay informed regarding trends, methods, and improvements in the area of distance learning so as to keep the ESCM program in the vanguard of quality programs
  11. Shall promote and assist in establishing and strengthening national libraries as needed and possible