(1) The Master's examination consists of graded or not graded module and partial module examinations and the graded Master's thesis. 

(2) A total of 90 credits must be earned to successfully complete the degree program. Credits are earned for a passed module or partial module examination according to the number listed in the MA Module Handbook

(3) In part-time studies, the student should have completed examinations amounting to 60 ECTS according to the compulsory and elective modules listed in the MA Module Handbook by the end of the fourth semester. The student has to be informed that he runs the risk of not being able to complete his studies if he has not achieved the required credit points by the end of the eighth semester. Those who fail to provide the required number of credits by the end of the eighth semester, at the latest, will be deemed to have not passed the exam unless the student is not responsible for the deadline being exceeded.