The Dean of Studies who may also serve as the Director of Practical Ministries, assists the Academic Dean in the day-to-day running of the academic programs; is responsible for the following specific duties:

  1. Shall be responsible for the academic advising of students.
  2. Shall recommend faculty teaching assignments to the Academic Dean each semester
  3. Shall coordinate and prepare class schedules, calendar, and timetable each semester
  4. Shall plan and supervise orientation of new students
  5. Shall maintain academic records for the school and its students
  6. Shall maintain, update, and expand the Student Information System
  7. Shall supervise semester and final grade reports
  8. Shall coordinate and supervise semester and final examinations
  9. Shall supervise the Moodle Platform and prepare all necessary Feedback forms, create Student accounts and courses, sign up students for their classes, helping Faculty set up their courses.
  10. Shall keep records of the evaluations of Faculty
  11. Shall prepare the annual reports for the Accreditation agency and go to the biannual accreditation meetings to be informed about the accreditation requirements and their implementation
  12. Shall create, update, and maintain the various Handbooks, Forms, and Catalogues
  13. Shall create, update, and maintain the school website.
  14. Shall develop and maintain the online platform for online studies
  15. Shall assist in teaching courses and evaluating thesis
  16. Shall maintain the Library Management System
  17. Shall develop and present curriculum changes and adaptations to the academic dean