(1) Students must regularly and actively participate in the modules they are taking. In addition to mandatory attendance, the self-preparation and follow-up work required by the modules is included. This may also include the processing of exercise tasks, the preparation of protocols or presentations, and other forms of collaboration. Regular and active participation is required for all modules that the student is registered in. Modules are offered in English only. 

(2) Unless otherwise agreed, the participation requirements shall be as follows: 

  • students must be present at least 80% of the required time of attendance. If one is less than 80% but more than 70% present, the absence may be justified by a medical certificate or written confirmation. 
  • The teacher may require that absenteeism be compensated by self-study or additional work. If absenteeism exceeds the permissible limit, a course is not passed and must be repeated in its entirety. 
  • All decisions on absenteeism under this scheme and the way in which attendance times are recorded will be made by the respective instructors.

(3) In addition, graded or ungraded examinations, which are specified in the respective module description, are required for successful participation in modules. 

(4) Credits are awarded and documented for each module if all requirements of the module according to paragraphs 1 to 3 are met. The number of credits that can be obtained in each module is announced in the MA Module Handbook

(5) Credits are calculated according to the expected workload of the students. The average full-time workload is 1,800 working hours per academic year: per academic year, 60 ECTS, i.e. 30 ECTS per semester. Therefore, a part-time study based on 30 ECTS per academic year should not exceed 15 ECTS per semester. The acquisition of an ECTS credit point is based on a workload of 30 hours.