(1) The standard period of study, including the time required to complete the Master's thesis and complete the exams, is six semesters part-time. 

(2) The maximum number of credits/semesters allowed for full-time studies is 30 ECTS and for part-time studies is 15 ECTS. This number may be increased in exceptional cases on request. Students can extend the part-time study program to eight semesters. No less than 5 ECTS must be studied each semester. 

(3) The study has a modular structure. A module refers to a combination of thematically and temporally coordinated courses, which are linked to a certain number of credits according to the time required for successful participation. The criteria for the allocation of credit points correspond to the ECTS (European Credit Transfer System). 

(4) Admission to a module may be subject to certain conditions, in particular to successful participation in one or more other modules. 

(5) A module must be completed in the same semester in which it is offered. 

(6) The scope of a module is five ECTS.

(7) A total of 90 credits (90 ECTS) must be earned to successfully complete the degree program.

(8) The program comprises fourteen modules and the Master's thesis. The structure of the study in detail is regulated in the annexes to this examination regulations.