The Lee University transfer credit policy allows for the transfer of up to six credit hours (10 ECTS) of relevant graduate study from an accredited institution, as approved by the respective director of the graduate program in which the student is seeking admission. This applies to students in all Lee programs offered at ETS. The transfer policy is made available in the ETS Graduate Student Handbook and on the ETS website.

The ETS Academic Dean works with the appropriate program coordinators at Lee to consider possible transfer credits. A method of scrutiny has been developed as follows: (1) involves the leadership of both institutions in a decision about transfer credit; (2) requires transfer credits from accredited or approved institutions at the graduate level (seminary or university); and (3) requires courses transferred to be germane to the content of the courses in the program as well as be at a level equivalent to the academic rigor of the courses being offered in the program. Students should receive a response in writing from the ETS Academic Dean regarding the acceptance or denial of transfer credits as well as which course/s the transfer credits will replace in the program. To date, only one student has applied for six transfer credits, supported by a transcript, to be accepted from another institution to be accepted in the ETS program.