The Academic Dean serves as the academic officer of the Seminary and reports directly to the President. He or she is responsible to the President for the development and supervision of the faculty, the curriculum, instructional processes, academic records, academic resources, and the recognition of student achievement by the faculty culminating in the awarding of the appropriate certificates, diplomas, etc. The Academic Dean shall perform any official functions assigned by the President and may also serve as the Director of Graduate Studies.


  1. Shall serve as a member of both the administration and the faculty
  2. Shall serve on the school’s Administrative Committee
  3. Shall be responsible for the academic advising of faculty
  4. Shall be responsible for the assessment and approval of academic transfer credit
  5. Shall approve special student status
  6. Shall prepare annual reports and required information for the German educational authorities
  7. Shall recommend faculty teaching assignments to the President each semester
  8. Shall prepare and publish a current general prospectus for the school
  9. Shall chair the annual curriculum review by faculty
  10. Shall supervise the administration of the library and its budget
  11. Shall supervise, in cooperation with the president, the annual faculty evaluation and review