(1) Taking into account the requirements and changes in the professional world, the study within the framework of the master's program should provide the students, with in-depth and advanced technical knowledge, skills, and methods in such a way that they contribute to academic work, to sound judgment, to the critical classification of scientific findings and be empowered to act responsibly. 

(2) In the Master's program, the knowledge and competencies acquired in a previous B.A. study 180 credit points (180 ECTS) should be significantly expanded and deepened. The M.A. programs are based on the continuing education concept and require at least one year of internship (30 ECTS) after the Bachelor's degree. The MA. is offered over three-years part-time (90 ECTS) in a total of 300 ECTS. 

(3) Graduates can also apply their knowledge and abilities in new and unfamiliar situations that go beyond the immediate horizons of their own occupational field. They will be enabled to independently develop new knowledge and skills after completing their studies. 

  • The MA. P-C Theology qualifies for full-time executive service in pastoral ministry within the Free Church Movement as well as in other areas of ministry in the church, mission, and society. 
  • The MA. MFS qualifies for a full-time executive service as a worker in social areas, e.g. schools, churches, family centers, and society.

(4) The program also aims to promote the formation of responsible and self-reflective personalities who are highly qualified and able to meet the requirements of a Christian life, perspective and lifestyle. Students should acquire theological competence through their studies and at the same time develop their own theological lifestyle. 

(5) The Master's examination is completing studies in both programs. The purpose of the exam is to determine whether the candidate has achieved the goals of the study. 

(6) On completion of the Master's examination, the academic degree "Master of Arts (M.A.)" is awarded. The students receive their certificates from Lee University, where they are enrolled.