Admissions policies and procedures are made available in the application for admissions and on the ETS website. Requirements are also sent to students via email upon request. An admissions committee reviews all new student applications. The admissions committee includes the President, academic dean, and faculty members. The appropriate administrators accept students meeting all criteria for acceptance into the program. If a potential graduate student does not meet the minimum qualifications for the program, these students are referred to the appropriate program coordinator at Lee University. Students may be accepted on probation at the discretion of the committee and the Lee University program coordinator.

At ETS, applicants must submit a completed application form, certified copies of their undergraduate diplomas demonstrating a 2.0 minimum GPA, two academic references, a character reference, an application fee (50 euros), and a writing sample. In addition, each applicant must also conduct a personal interview with an ETS staff member. If students do not have the necessary prerequisites for the program, students may be expected to complete some leveling courses.