The ETS Board of Directors is ultimately responsible for the school’s academic programs, its stability as an institution, and its finances. Nominees are presented by the Field Director to the General Director of World Missions and appointed by the World Missions Board. Board members are appointed bi-annually. The Board presently consists of 15-20 voting members. Board membership does not have a stated limitation, but traditionally Board members have been changed after eight years.

Board meetings are usually conducted over a two-day period twice each year (December and May). The Board is divided into three committees: Development/Facilities; Academics/Curriculum/Personnel; and Finances/Endowment.


  1. Shall be legislative in nature fulfilling the governance function by establishing policies that are in harmony with all policies established by the World Missions Board.
  2. Shall nominate an individual to fulfill the office of President to the General Director of World Missions for his consideration. The General Director will then submit to the World Missions Board the individual of his choice as outlined by the Minutes of our General Assembly for their approval.
  3. Shall evaluate along with the President members of the faculty and staff offering suggestions and direction as felt needed.
  4. Shall help determine the cost of tuition and all other school fees.
  5. Shall approve an annual budget for the operation of the school
  6. Shall dismiss faculty or staff not abiding by stated principles of the school
  7. Shall see that the president and faculty sign an agreement to not teach, publish, or allow to be taught anything contrary to the Declaration of Faith or any other established doctrine of the Church of God. Shall not permit any person, unable or unwilling to accept the doctrine and practices mentioned above, to be employed. In the event of the failure on the part of any faculty member to live up to the said agreement, the Board shall be authorized to dismiss said faculty member from employment with the school.