This builds on the Foundation course with an emphasis on Youth and Discipleship. This leads to a professional training qualification recognized by the German Authorities.  This program consists of two years of theoretical training at the seminary and one year of internship.

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General Competencies

  • Communicate clearly at the appropriate level for the audience.

  • Express one’s own ideas in writing.

  • Be able to plan and organize effectively.

  • Lead groups giving clear directions and encouraging team members.

  • Develop creativity and free expression.

Specific Competencies

  • Develop a personal philosophy of children’s and/or youth ministry.

  • Be able to lead a children’s or youth ministry.

  • Acquire the skills and abilities needed to implement a children’s or youth ministry in a local church.

  • Understand human development and apply that knowledge to planning children’s and youth activities.

  • Appreciate the cultural, legal and contextual issues that affect ministry with young people.

  • Be equipped to resolve conflicts harmoniously.

  • Analyze problems and provide appropriate solutions.