Pastoral Major

This course of studies develops the education and training of the Foundation Certificate with its competencies. It has an emphasis on Pastoral Training.  

At ETS the Bachelor of Theology (equivalent) can be attained with three years of full-time study. It combines theoretical knowledge with practical application and Christian ministry experience and is designed to equip the student for work in a local church, mission or parachurch activity.

The Foundation Certificate is a required basis for the studies that follow hence its competencies apply to the B.Th. plus the following for the Pastoral Major.

General Competencies

  • Acquire a basic understanding of the Bible and use reference works such as Lexica, Concordances and Commentaries effectively.

  • Produce a synthesis of the development of the history and theology of the Christian church.

  • Understand and apply critical judgment as to the place of the social sciences in Christian ministry.

  • During the course of the program to experience spiritual growth, personal development and professional maturity to be able to function competently and responsibly in a leadership capacity.

  • Acquire and develop communication and relational skills that will enable practical competence.

  • Through spiritual formation and mentoring to appreciate how spiritual development operates.

  • To apply the skills and abilities needed for the practice of ministry.

Specific Competencies

  • Apply appropriate methodology in the practice of ministry, employ critical thinking and a range of problem-solving devices.

  • Operate efficiently in the biblical languages, Greek and Hebrew.

  • Analyze situations, plan and organize programs and events.

  • Operate comfortably within a wide range of practical and transferable skills that will enable the successful performance of ministerial tasks.

  • Exercise leadership and integrity in the specific ministerial field

  • Delegate tasks and authority responsibly.


Year 1 ECTS
OT Survey 3
NT Survey 3
Hermeneutics 3
Pentecostalism 3
Christian Doctrines 3
Christian Care 3
Homiletics 3
Church Growth 3
Practical Ministry I 3
Community and Spirituality I 3
Leadership 3
Youth Ministry 3
Music Ministry 3
Worship in the Local Church 3
Intro to Missions 3
Intro to Islam 3
Intro to Psychology 3
Understanding Human Behaviour    3
Research and Writing 3
Foundation Paper 3
Foundation Year 60


Year 2 ECTS
Church History I 3
Church History II 3
Pastoral Theology 3
Ethics 3
Conflict Management 3
Church Administration 3
Christian Education 3
Pneumatology 3
Practical Ministry II 3
Community and Spirituality II     3
Hebrew I 3
Hebrew II 3
Hebrew III 3
OT Book Study I 3
OT Book Study II 3
OT Book Study III 3
OT Exegesis Preparation 3
OT Exegesis     3
Diploma Paper 6
Year two 60


Year 3 ECTS
Systematic Theology I 3
Systematic Theology II 3
Denominations and Sects 3
Contemporary Theology 3
Principles of Teaching 3
Anthropology 3
Rhetoric 3
Spiritual Gifts 3
Practical Ministry III 3
Community and Spirituality III    3
NT Greek I 3
NT Greek II 3
NT Greek III 3
NT Book study I 3
NT Book study II 3
NT Exegesis Preparation    3
NT Exegesis 3
Bachelor These 9
Year three 60