Foundation Year

This course of studies serves to prepare students for church ministry or further theological studies.

A solid foundation for the Christian life and for further studies; combines biblical knowledge with practical application and discipleship, leading to the following competencies.

  • Understanding the Bible and how to read it.

  • Application of biblical principles in practical ministry situations.

  • A greater awareness of oneself and others.

  • Sensitivity to other cultures.

  • The ability to work in a team.

  • Learn new information and apply it in practical settings.

  • Develop self-discipline and work according to existing rules and procedures.

  • Accountability for one’s own actions.

  • Be able to present ideas and plans clearly.

  • Express opinions without fear of others.

  • Engage in spiritual formation and discipleship in an online community.

  • Leading devotions and small group sessions.



Fall - Block 1 ECTS
OT Survey 3
Hermeneutics 3
Practical Ministry I 3
Community and Spirituality I    3
Intro to Psychology 3
Foundation Year 60


Fall - Block 2 ECTS
Intro to Missions 3
Research and Writing    3
Pentecostalism 3
Christian Care 3
Music Ministry 3


Spring - Block 1 ECTS
Leadership 3
Intro to Islam 3
Developing a Worship Program in the Local Church 3
Youth Ministry 3
NT Survey 3


Spring - Block 2 ECTS
Homiletics 3
Christian Doctrines 3
Church Growth 3
Understanding Human Behaviour    3
Foundation Paper 3