Dr. Art Rhodes (Chairperson)

President of the Church of God Benefits Board

Dr. Stephen Darnell

Interim President of ETS, Field Director for the Church of God Europe/CIS/Middle East

Dr. Carolyn Dirksen

Professor, Lee University Church of God, TN/USA

Raymond Hodge

Director of Business and Records Church of God, TN/USA

Terry Applegate

CEO of Applegate Insulation Manufacturing, Inc

Marc Brenner

National Overseer for the Church of God, Germany

Johann Siegel

CEO of Siegel Malerbetrieb & Sanitär-Heizung, Germany

Clayton Endecott

General Presbyter of the Church of God of Prophecy

John Morgan

Pastor of Regency Church, Florida

John Mills

Consultant; Lawyer and Businessman

Vance Massengill

Missionary Educator Church of God Middle East

Dale Jones

Businessman NC/USA

T. Wayne Dority

State Administrative Bishop, Church of God, TN/USA

Jaume Torrado

Executive Bishop & National Overseer Church of God Spain, Europe

Bruce Rabon

State Administrative Bishop, Church of God, SC/USA

Sascha Kielwein

Pastor of the Church of God Allmersbach i.T., Germany